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Eaton Airflex Constricting Clutch Assembly's

CB Elements:
Airflex CB element assemblies are used as both clutches and brakes in general power transmission service. The primary feature of the CB design and construction is the Airflex torsion resilient principle made possible by the transmission of power through the side walls of the flexible neoprene and cord actuating tube. This flexibility also permits minor shaft misalignment.

The Type CB is suited for high speed, cyclic operations, as well as for coupling and general power transmission.

Product Specifications -


Torque Capacities* Up To: 1,160,000 Ib ·in, 131.000 N ·m
Typical Applications: Can making machinery, commercial laundry equipment, metal forming machinery, oil & gas machinery, printing machinery, rubber processing machinery, tire building machinery
Standard Sizes:

  • 3CB150, 4CB200, 5CB200, 6CB200, 8CB250, 10CB300, 12CB350, 14CB400, 16CB500, 18CB500, 20CB500, 22CB500, 24CB500, 26CB525, 28CB525, 30CB525, 32CB525, 36CB525, 40CB525, 45CB525

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VC Elements:

Airflex VC element assemblies are designed and built for severe clutching and braking applications on heavy duty equipment. They are unmatched for high starting loads and sustained slippage where heat generated tends to lower efficiency and shorten the operating life of conventional clutches. Their high torque ratings permit use of smaller diameter units which lower contact velocity on high speed applications. Ventilated construction permits passage of cooling air, to rapidly dissipate heat from the friction shoes. Torque is transmitted from the side plates of the elements through torque bars to the friction shoes.

The Type VC is specifically designed and built for severe clutch or brake applications in which large inertia loads and sustained slippage would normally result in loss of torque and reduced operating life.


Product Specifications -


Torque Capacities* Up To: 15,189,000 Ib·in, 1.706.629 N·m
Typical Applications: Grinding mills, marine propulsion, metal forming machinery, oil & gas machinery
Standard Sizes:

  • Narrow Sizes:
    • 11.5VC500, 14VC500, 16VC600, 20VC600, 24VC650, 28VC650, 33VC650, 35VC650, 37VC650, 42VC650
  • Wide Sizes:
    • 12VC1000, 14VC1000, 16VC1000, 20VC1000, 24VC1000, 28VC1000, 32VC1000, 38VC1200, 42VC1200, 46VC1200, 52VC1200, 51VC1600, 60VC1600, 66VC1600, 76VC1600

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